Each package must be installed and used on an EeePC for at least a week with no known side effects. Feel free to mark each package that you have used (from which repository) without problem. Each should have the minimum number of unmet dependancies on a base EeePC system.

Working On


  • LinApple
  • repackage lxdooom: set vid 790x456, a .desktop file so it'll show up in the menu.


  • dosbox
  • wireshark, aircrack-ng, nmap
  • kernel-package
  • files for LAMP setup
  • gpsd, gpsdrive


Requires Work

  • backport amarok to use libgpod3 (0.6.0)
  • wesnoth (game) - compile from sources using -tiny-guy
  • craft - fix screen res

Decided Against

  • SuperTuxKart - not properly responsive to arrow keys

For a list of software reported working, see: