The reason for creating this repository is to extend the functionality of the Asus EeePC. In the spirit of simplicity, it would be easiest to include only one package for each given task. For example, I wouldn't include Abiword, because OpenOffice is already installed, including a word processor.


These are packages that have been compiled on the EeePC and packaged for apt.

  • advanced-desktop-eeepc (version 1.0-1) Enables the advanced desktop.
  • basket A getting things done / note-taking application, repackaged.
  • conky A system monitor script that displays on the desktop (of advanced desktop, see above).
  • cups-pdf (version 2.4.2-3eeepc1) Repackage cups-pdf with printer setup already included. It requires the user to enter the root password at installation, which is somewhat counterintuitive when using synaptic.
  • eeeweather Written specifically for the EeePC by Woody. Source code at
  • KDirStat Graphical disk usage utility
  • kicker
  • ksmserver These two packages (from the Asus repository) enable advanced desktop. They are not in the Asus repository (p700) that is included on the 2GB EeePC.
  • gtkpod and libgpod3 Allow you to move files to and from an iPod, even the newest generation. For more info, see:


These are packages from Debian Etch that seem to work on the EeePC.

  • 3ddesktop
  • audacity (multi-track audio editor)
  • build-essential (and all its dependencies, including make) NOTE: linux-kernel-headers is a dependency that is available from the Asus repository
  • cups-pdf (how to use)
  • deborphan (lists packages that are installed, but no longer in use by the system)
  • gcompris (educational games for young children)
  • gimp (image editor similar to photoshop)
  • gourmet (recipe database)
  • gparted (partition editor) includes gksu
  • gweled (game, like bejeweled)
  • kompozer (html/webpage editor)
  • lincity-ng (simcity clone) - must run from the command line the first time by typing "lincity-ng -S 800x480" afterwards, it will remember your setting
  • lxdoom (also install freedoom, then launch from the commandline)
  • mplayer (version 1.0~rc1-12etch1) (get this version with synaptic by choosing Package... Force version from the menu)
  • openssh-server (SSH server)
  • pingus (Lemmings type game)
  • supertux (supermario clone)
  • wput